2019 ASHA Conference - Colonial Futures

ASHA is pleased to advise that the 2019 conference will be held between Monday 14 October to Wednesday 16th October 2019 in Port Macquarie.


Port Macquarie, NSW Mid North Coast


Pre-conference tours and workshops: Sunday 13 and Monday 14 October
Welcome reception: Monday evening 14 October
Conference sessions: Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 October 2019

Conference Theme - Colonial Futures

Historical archaeology in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific is intertwined with the colonial legacies of our countries. From the often coercive and entangled colonialism of the frontier, through to the subtle yet pervasive transfer and transformation of British material culture and technology across society, or the distinctive contribution of non-British migrants – Australasian historical archaeology deals with the physical remains of colonial pasts.

Yet what is the future of these colonial pasts? What new stories can we tell about past lives and places? What new methods can we apply? How do we manage the physical remains of the past for the future? How can the archaeology of the colonial past be interpreted or presented to future audiences? How can we integrate colonial histories with Indigenous histories? What relevance does local archaeology have to our culturally-diverse contemporary societies? How can the archaeology of our colonial past inform broader contemporary debates?

Port Macquarie, on the NSW mid-north coast, provides an ideal venue to discuss these issues – a former convict settlement and place of secondary punishment, it later became an important coastal river port, a family holiday destination, and growing regional centre.

Call for Papers

Abstracts are welcome from all those researching, teaching or working in archaeology, heritage studies, history, and related fields. Note that the ‘colonial’ theme does not imply a temporal limit for suitable papers. Early career practitioners are particularly encouraged to get involved – whether they are presently in private sector, education, GLAM, or government positions. Those with particular experience and expertise in the Port Macquarie region are also specifically invited to present. Proposals for sessions or groups of papers related to the conference theme will also be considered.

Abstracts should be no more than 150 words. Submissions due on 15 July 2019.

Call for short talks

The ASHA speed trials are back! Short presentations of three minutes with three slides - you and the countdown clock. This was a great success last year - perfect for work in progress, short reflections, or making colleagues aware of something interesting that you’ve recently found. Submissions due 15 September 2019.

Call for posters

Do you value the visual? Do you want to share something but without the pressure of a spoken presentation? This year posters are making a comeback to the ASHA conference. Submissions due 15 September 2019.


All submissions (papers, speed trial talks and posters) should include:

  • Contact name and affiliation
  • Names and affiliations of other authors (if relevant)

Email submissions to Only submit an abstract if you have permission to present from the relevant stakeholders, such as employers, clients, or traditional owners.