14 June 2018

The next ASHA reading group is being hosted by Dr James Flexner at the University of Sydney and will be held on the 14th June. This is a semi-regular (quarterly) opportunity to catch-up with other historical archaeologists and discuss themes of interest.


Dr James Flexner
Lecturer in Historical Archaeology and Heritage
University of Sydney


Archaeology under late capitalism

Location and Time

University of Sydney
Camperdown Campus
323A Old Teacher’s College (on Manning Road, downhill from the Quadrangle).

5:30-7pm, Thursday 14th June 2018

Primary Readings

Mrozowski, S.A 2014. “Imagining an Archaeology of the Future: Capitalism and Colonialism Past and Present.”, International Journal of Historical Archaeology,18: 340-360.

Hutchings, R. and La Salle, M. 2015. “Archaeology as Disaster Capitalism.”, International Journal of Historical Archaeology, 19: 699-720.

Hamilakis, Y., 2015. “Archaeology and the Logic of Capital: Pulling the Emergency Break.”, International Journal of Historical Archaeology, 19: 721-735.

Secondary Readings

Orser, C. E. 2011. “The archaeology of poverty and the poverty of archaeology.” International Journal of Historical Archaeology, 15:533-543.

Ribeiro, L. 2015. “Development projects, violation of human rights, and the silence of archaeology in Brazil.” International Journal of Historical Archaeology, 19: 810-821.

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Werkheiser, M. 2016. The Cultural Resource Management Industry in the Age of Trump.” American Cultural Resources Association Webinar. (last accessed 15 March 2017).

Contact if you are finding it difficult to get a copy of the readings.

The event is free and open to anyone who is interested, however, RSVPs are essential (to, so please get in touch if you would like to come!