Australasian Historical Archaeology

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Vol 1





J. M. Birmingham and D. N. Jeans | Swiss Family Robinson and the archaeology of colonisations

Graham Connah  | Stamp-collecting or increasing understanding

Jane P. Wesson  | A first bibliography of historical archaeology in Australia

Edward Higginbotham  | Excavation of a brick barrel-drain at Parramatta

Michael Pearson  | Technology of whaling in Australian waters

Peter J. F. Coutts  | Towards the development of colonial archaeology in New Zealand: Part 1

Luke Godwin  | The life and death of a flourmill: McCrossin's Mill, Uralla

Kate Holmes  | Excavations at Arltunga


R. Ian Jack  | Review of K. H. Kennedy et al. Totley: a study of the silver mines at One Mile, Ravenswood District

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Vol 2





Damaris Bairstow  | Swiss Family Robinson model

J. V. S. Megaw  | Archaeology of rubbish or rubbishing archaeology

Jane P. Wesson  | A first bibliography of historical archaeology in Australia continued

Grace Karskens  | Convict road station site at Wisemans Ferry

J. H. Winston-Gregson  | People in the landscape

Michael Pearson  | Excavation of the Mount Wood woolscour, Tibooburra

Ian Jack , Kate Holmes and Ruth Kerr | Ah Toy's garden

Brian Rogers  | Innovation in the manufacture of salt

Brian J. Egloff  | Cultural resource management, a View from Port Arthur Historic Site

Michael Zeman and B. Blakeman | Terrestrial photogrammetric survey of Arltunga Historic Reserve, Northern Territory


Michael Pearson  | Review of J. Birmingham, I. Jack and D. Jeans Industrial archaeology in Australia

James Semple Kerr  | Review of G. Aplin, S. Riley and R. Cardew Proceedings of the Cultural Heritage Conference, 1981

Luke Godwin  | Review of M. Pearson and H. Temple Historical archaeology and conservation philosophy...ANZAAS...1982

Peter J. F. Coutts  | Review of G. Thornton New Zealand's industrial heritage

Peter J. F. Coutts  | Review of A. C. Begg and N. C. Begg The world of John Boultbee

Peter J. F. Coutts  | Review of H. Morton The whale's wake

Peter J. F. Coutts  | Review of F. Tod Whaling in southern waters

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Vol 3





J. H. Winston-Gregson  | Guide to locating settlements in rural New South Wales

Edward Higginbotham  | Excavation techniques in historical archaeology

Michael Pearson  | Additions to the bibliography of historical archaeology in Australia

A. J. Koppi , B. G. Davey and J. M. Birmingham | Soils in the old vineyard at Camden Park Estate

Peter J. F. Coutts  | Towards the development of colonial archaeology in New Zealand: Part 2

Gordon Young  | Early German settlements in South Australia

Miles Lewis  | Diagnosis of prefabricated buildings

Damaris Bairstow  | Castlemaine and Great Northern Breweries, Newcastle


Robert Irving  | Review of Design for convicts

J. H. Winston-Gregson  | Review of W. Jeffery and J. Amess Proceedings of the Second Southern Hemisphere Conference on Maritime Archaeology

Luke Godwin  | Review of P. J. Coutts Captain Mills Cottage

R. Ian Jack  | Review of C. Eslick Historic archaeological sites in the Portland area

Michael Pearson  | Review of D. Petocz A well in Rozelle

Don Godden  | Review of J. Wilson New Zealand's industrial past

Aedeen Cremin  | Review of J. D. Light and H. Unglik A frontier fur trade blacksmith shop

John Wade  | Review of E. I. Woodhead, C. Sullivan and G. Gusset Lighting devices in the National Reference Collection, Parks Canada

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Vol 4





Helen Temple  | Marketing, conservation and interpretation of historic sites in the United States of America and the United Kingdom

Richard Mackay  | Conservation and industrial archaeology

Grace Karskens  | Defiance, deference and diligence

Graham Connah  | Historical reality: archaeological reality. Excavations at Regentville, Penrith, New South Wales, 1985

Jack McIlroy  | Bathers Bay whaling station

Christopher J. Davey  | The history and archaeology of the North British mine site, Maldon, Victoria

Damaris Bairstow  | Hydraulic power and coal loading at Newcastle

Harold Boughen  | Towser's Huts, Cobar


J. V. S. Megaw  | Review of S. L. Dyson Comparative studies in the archaeology of colonialism

Albert Gillissen  | Review of R. Irving The history and design of the Australian house

Don Fraser  | Review of C. O'Connor Spanning two centuries-historic bridges of Australia

Michael Pearson  | Review of A. McGowan Excavations at Lithend

Michael Pearson  | Review of A. McGowan Archaeological investigations at Risdon Cove

Andrew Piper  | Review of P. J. F. Coutts Report on the results of archaeological investigations at the 1826 settlement site at Corinella

Robert Irving  | Review of Timber and iron: houses in north Queensland

Graham Brooks  | Review of Cockatoo Island

Graham Brooks  | Review of J. S. Kerr The conservation plan

Graham Brooks  | Review of Goat Island

Martin Davies  | Review of L. Smith Investigating old buildings

James Boow  | Review of O. R. Jones and E. A. Smith Glass of the British military 1755-1820

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Vol 5





Edward Higginbotham  | Excavation of buildings in the early township of Parramatta

Mark Staniforth  | Casks from the wreck of the William Salthouse

Noris Ioannou  | A German potter in the Barossa Valley

Neville A. Ritchie and Stuart Park | Chinese coins down under

Angela McGowan  | Archaeology from the ice

Martin Davies  | The archaeology of standing structures

Michael Pearson  | Bibliography of Historical Archaeology in Australia: Part 4


Justin McCarthy  | Review of M. Stanbury Norwegian Bay whaling station

Aedeen Cremin  | Review of US National Park Service Hopewell Furnace...Pennsylvania

Don Godden  | Review of W. Gemmell And so we graft from six to six

R. Ian Jack  | Review of E. Tonks 'Beneath tidal waters'

Peter Bell  | Review of H. Brown Tin at Tingha: the history

Helen Temple  | Review of I. McBryde Who owns the past

Michael Lorimer  | Review of G. Henderson Maritime archaeology in Australia

Graeme Henderson  | Review of R. Gould Shipwreck anthropology

Shar Jones  | Review of A. Davies and P. Stanbury The mechanical eye in Australia

Michael Zeman  | Review of G. Ogleby and L. J. Rivett Handbook of heritage photogrammetry

Ken Charlton  | Review of P. Bridges Historic court houses of New South Wales

Duncan Marshall  | Review of J. Faull and G. Young People places and buildings

Robert Irving  | Review of The Adelaide house 1836 to 1901

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Vol 6





Denis Gojak  | Gara River: an early hydro-electric scheme in northern New South Wales

Brian Rogers  | Coke works on Flagstaff Point, Wollongong

David Bannear  | Interpretation of structural remains at Bolla Bollana

Pam Blackman  | 'The Hill': An Archaeological Survey of a Queensland House

Andrew Piper  | Chinese diet and cultural conservatism in nineteenth-century southern New Zealand

Priscilla Wegars  | The Asian Comparative Collection

Edward Higginbotham , Michael Macphail and Brian Davey | The soil and pollen analysis of part of the gardens of First Government House, Sydney

Don Ranson and Brian J. Egloff | Application of earth-resistivity surveys

Sue Pearson  | Botanical indicators in historical archaeology

John Bignell  | Restoration of Thorpe watermill, Bothwell, Tasmania

Rudolf Richard Gerharz , Renate Lantermann and Dirk R.Spennemann | Munsell colorcharts


Neville A. Ritchie  | Review of G. Connah 'Of the hut I builded'

Sandy Blair  | Review of D. S. Baker From yeomen to brickmasters

Ray Whitmore  | Review of P. Bell Gold, iron and steam

Edward Higginbotham  | Review of A. Cremin et al. Survey of historical sites Lithgow area

Richard Mackay  | Review of J. S. Kerr Out of sight, out of mind

Rosemary Broomham  | Review of P. Donovan and N. Kirkman The unquenchable flame

Don Godden  | Review of R. Broomham Firstlight -150 years of gas

Richard Mackay  | Review of M. Hammerton Water South Australia

John Wade  | Review of S. Strachan The...Sydney Cove shipwreck...

Wendy Thorp  | Review of N. Ioannou Ceramics in South Australia

Kristal Buckley  | Review of F. Gale and J. M. Jacobs Tourists and the National Estate

Brian Rogers  | Review of A. Smith A teachers guide to archaeology

Tim Murray  | Review of I. Hodder The archaeology of contextual meanings

Linda Young  | Review of C. Lacelle Urban domestic servants in 19th-century Canada, 6:106-107

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Vol 7




Rod Clough  | Documents and digs: investigation of the copper and clay industries in New Zealand

Angela McGowan  | Salvage excavations on convict-built reclaimed land, Sarah Island

Louise Bavin  | Behind the facade: the expression of status and class in material culture

Roger D. Cummins  | Scouring the clip

Iain Stuart  | Why did the Hoffman brick and pottery works stop making bricks

Aedeen Cremin  | The growth of an industrial valley: Lithgow

Kate Holmes  | Arltunga: a minor goldfield

R. Ian Jack  | Water-power in Portugal

Kevin Kiernan , Anne McConnell, David Bannear, Angela McGowan and Paul Airey | Karst engineering beneath an early Australian railway

Alexy Simmons  | Red light ladies in the American West

Ruth S. Kerr  | Advent of tin dredges


Anne Robertson  | Review of D. A. Weston The sleeping city...Rookwood

Geoff Dawson  | Review of L. Coltheart Significant sites

Michael Zeman  | Review of L. Adkins and R. A. Adkins Archaeological illustration

Michael Zeman  | Review of P. Dorrell Photography in archaeology and conservation

Linda Young  | Review of D. Miller Material culture and mass consumption

Aedeen Cremin  | Review of K. Gurcke Bricks and brickmaking

Michael Pearson  | Review of K. Townrow Survey and excavation of the historic sites on Macquarie Island

Edward Higginbotham  | Review of B. A. Purdy Wet site archaeology

Peter Bell  | Review of J. Salmond Old New Zealand houses

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Vol 8




Peter Bell  | Continuity in Australian timber domestic building

Judy Birmingham  | A decade of digging

Neville A. Ritchie  | 78 South, 166 East: archaeology in the Ross Dependency, Antarctica

Michael Pearson  | Lime industry in Australia

Brian Rogers  | Derivation of technologies employed in some pre-1900 salt works

Colleen Callaghan  | Removing the stain: the Botany-Rockdale Sewage Farm, Sydney

Kirsty Altenburg R. Ian Jack | Living archaeology of work

A. J. English  | Salted meats from the wreck of the William Salthouse

Pam Hourani  | Spatial organisation and the status of women

Aedeen Cremin and Judy Birmingham | Honours and postgraduate theses in Historical Archaeology 1979-1991


M. Ruth Megaw  | Review of A. Bernard Knapp Archaeology, Annales and ethnohistory

Mark Staniforth  | Review of P. Gesner Pandora: an archaeological perspective

Don Fraser  | Review of Mechanics of pre-industrial technology

Graeme Aplin  | Review of R. Chénier Québec: a French colonial town

Edward Higginbotham  | Review of M. Davies and K. Buckley Port Arthur Conservation Project archaeological procedures manual

R. Ian Jack  | Review of A. Linters Industria: industrial architecture in Belgium

Jane Foulcher  | Review of H. Proudfoot The historic buildings of Windsor and Richmond

Anne Claoue-Long  | Review of A. Philp The ladies of Saumarez

J. Peter White  | Review of G. Irwin The prehistoric exploration and colonisation of the Pacific

Shane White  | Review of L. Ferguson Uncommon ground

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Apologies and Emendations (for volume 7)


Vol 9




Neville A. Ritchie  | An introduction to historical archaeology in New Zealand

Ian W. G. Smith  | Development of historical archaeology in New Zealand

Sarah Macready  | A review of urban historical archaeology in Auckland

Kevin Jones  | Katherine Mansfield's birthplace

Robert Brassey  | Clay tobacco pipes from the site of the Victoria Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand

Iain Stuart  | Glass bottles from the Loch Ard Shipwreck (1878): a preliminary study

Neville A. Ritchie  | Is there an optimum system? The recording and assessment of historic mining sites

Rod Clough  | Archaeology of the historic copper industry on Kawau Island

Brian Rogers  | Interpretation of an 1830s salt works site on the Little Swanport River, Tasmania

Alexy Simmons  | Te Wairoa, the buried village

Brian J. Egloff , Michael O'Sullivan and Juliet Ramsay | Archaeology of the 1891 shearers' war

P. J. Mahoney  | Graded pack tracks: an unappreciated historic resource

P. J. Mahoney  | Bush tramways in New Zealand

Denis Gojak  | Marginal archaeology: cultural resource management


Vol 10




Nigel Prickett  | Archaeology of the New Zealand wars

Anthony Lowe and Richard Mackay | Old Sydney burial ground

Michael Pearson  | From ship to the bush: ship tanks

Judy Birmingham  | Meaning from artefacts: a question of scale

Susan Lawrence Cheney  | Uncertain migrants: the history and archaeology of a Victorian goldfield community

Barry McGowan  | Aspects of gold mining and mining communities in the Shoalhaven area of New South Wales

Denise Gaughwin  | Trade, capital and the development of the extractive industries of northeast Tasmania

Anne Cannon  | Woolsheds and catastrophe theory

Gaye Nayton  | Applying frontier theory to a Western Australian site

Louise Zarmati  | Review of H. du Cros and L. Smith Women in archaeology

Peter Bell  | Review of E. Rolls Sojourners: the epic story of China's centuries-old relationship with Australia

Peter Bell  | Review of P. Wegars Hidden heritage

Penelope M. Allison  | Review of R. T. Ridley The eagle and the spade

Michael Zeman  | Review of I. Scollar et al. Archaeological prospecting and remote sensing

Iain Stuart  | Review of R. I. Jack and A. Cremin Australia's age of iron

Mark Staniforth  | Review of S. Kenderdine Historic shipping on the River Murray

Geoff Dawson  | Review of R. Raxworthy The unreasonable man...J. J. C. Bradfield

Peter Bell  | Review of G. J. Drew and J. E. Connell Cornish beam engines

J. V. S. Megaw  | Review of J. Flood The riches of ancient Australia

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Vol 11




Michael Shortland  | Powers of recall: Sigmund Freud's partiality for the prehistoric

Jennifer A. McDonell  | The exhibit: Robert Browning's The Ring and the Book

Penny Russell  | In search of woman's place

Jane Lydon  | Archaeology in The Rocks, Sydney

Joanna Capon  | Decorative plasterwork in New South Wales

Edward Higginbotham  | The 1828 census and the analysis of rural settlement

Eve Stenning  | Nothing but gum trees: textile manufacturing in New South Wales

Monte C. A. Woodhouse  | Elements of a pastoral landscape: Holowiliena, South Australia

Michael Pearson  | The good oil: eucalyptus oil distilleries

Katrina Proust  | Public archaeology and the physical legacy of European colonisation in South East Asia

Laurence F. Gross  | Industrial heritage and deindustrialisation

Jonathan Barlow  | Archaeology and belief in the Roman world

Sybil M. Jack  | Divorce or reconciliation: history and historical archaeology

R. Ian Jack  | Historical archaeology and the historian

David Carment  | Archaeology and history in Central Australia

Susan Marsden  | What's wrong with the twentieth century

Judy Birmingham  | Review of Mary C. Beaudry Documentary archaeology in the New World

Graeme Aplin  | Review of Y. Desloges A tenant's town: Québec

Jan Kociumbas  | Review of Australian Archives 'My heart is breaking'

Jan Kociumbas  | Review of Ros Fraser Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Tim 5  | Review of J. M. Birmingham Wybalenna

David Frankel  | Review of Dean E. Arnold Ecology and ceramic production in an Andean community

David Frankel  | Review of Ecology and Ceramic Production in an Andean Community by D. Arnold and Domestic Ceramic Production and Spatial Organisation by P. Arnold

Matthew Kelly  | Review of Charles D. Trombold Ancient road networks

Richard Wright  | Review of T. P. Hutchinson Version 2 (history and archaeology) of statistical methods

Sarah Colley  | Review of P. Hiscock and S. Mitchell Stone artefact quarries

Sybil M. Jack  | Review of Brian Cotterell and Johan Kamminga Mechanics of pre-industrial technology

Shirley Fitzgerald  | Review of Alan Roberts Grass roots history

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Vol 12




Graham Connah  | Bagot's Mill

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Vol 13




Michael Pearson  | 'All that glisters..:: Assessing the heritage significance ofmining places

Jan Wegner  | Winding engines on the Croydon goldfield

Ruth S. Kerr  | Calcifer-the first copper smelting on the Chillagoe copperfield

Cosmos Coroneos  | Why is that hole so big? An analysis of expenditure versus gain in alluvial gold mining

R. Ian Jack  | Joadja, New South Wales: the paragon of early oil-shale communities

Jillian Comber  | The Palmer Goldfield

Greg Jackman  | 'No good is to be found in the granite': Aspects ofthe social maintenance of mining concepts on Blue Tier tin-field, Tasmania

Susan Lawrence  | Poor man's diggings

Iain Stuart  | Review of P. A. Shackel Personal discipline and material culture

Eve Stenning  | Review of Christopher Breward The culture of fashion

John Bach  | Review of P. Kostoglou and J. McCarthy Whaling and sealing in South Australia

Sally Rice  | Review of B. Rogers Nineteenth century salt manufacturing sites in Tasmania

Richard Fullagar  | Review of Stephen Webb Palaeopathology of Aboriginal Australians

Ken Heffernan  | Review of C. Hastorf Agriculture and the onset of political inequality before the Inka

Sarah Colley  | Review of Jane Jacobs and Fay Gale Tourism and the protection of Aboriginal cultural sites

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Vol 14




John Mulvaney  | Musing amidst the ruins

C. C. Macknight  | A voice from the margin

Peter Bell  | Archaeology of the Chinese in Australia

Jane Harrington  | The lime-burning industry in Victoria

Kevin Jones  | Aerial photography in New Zealand

Barry McGowan  | The typology and techniquesof alluvial mining

Warwick Pearson  | Water power in a dry continent

Sera Jane Peters  | Archaeological wines: analysis and interpretation of a collection of wines recovered from the William Salthouse shipwreck (1841)

Sarah Colley  | Review of Tim Bonyhady and Tom Griffiths Prehistory to politics

Mary Casey  | Review of Stephen A. Mrozowski, Grace H. Ziesing and Mary C. Beaudry Living on the Boott ...Lowell, Massachusetts

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Vol 15




Neville A. Ritchie and Ray Hooker | An archaeologist's guide to mining terminology

Peter Milner  | Databases for mining heritage in Victoria

Peter Milner  | Beam pumping engines in Victoria

Martin Gibbs  | The technology of colonial ore processing in Western Australia

Warwick Pearson  | Water-powered flourmills in nineteenth-century Tasmania

Eleanor Conlin Casella  | 'A large and efficient establishment': preliminary report on fieldwork at the Ross Female Factory

Alan Mayne  | Review of Grace Karskens The Rocks: life in early Sydney

Jill Hamel  | Review of Graham Connah The archaeology of Lake Innes House

R. Ian Jack  | Review of Bungonia to Braidwood: an historical and archaeological account of the Shoalhaven and Mongarlowe goldfields

R. Ian Jack  | Review of B. McGowan Lost mines: historic mining sites in the Monaro Southern Tablelands districts of New South Wales

Iain Stuart  | Review of Richard H. Grove Green imperialism, colonial expansion

Catherine Palmer  | Review of Paul Bahn and John Flenley Easter Island, earth island

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Vol 16




Graham Connah  | Pattern and purpose in historical archaeology

Susan Lawrence  | Role of material culture in Australasian archaeology

Penelope M. Allison  | The household in historical archaeology

Warwick Pearson  | Water-powered flourmilling on the New England Tablelands

P. R. Moore and N. A. Ritchie | In-ground ore-roasting kilns on the Hauraki Goldfield, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand
Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

Valerie Hill  | The Welsh village near Castlemaine

Gordon Grimwade  | The Canning Stock Route

Martin Carney  | A cordial factory at Parramatta

Graham Connah  | Review of Roland Fletcher The limits of settlement growth

Wayne Mullen  | Review of Max Kelly Anchored in a small cove

Michael Smithson  | Review of Louise Zarmati and Aedeen Cremin Experience archaeology

Matthew Campbell  | Review of Atholl Anderson The welcome of strangers: An ethnohistory of Southern Maori A.D. 1650-1850

Matthew Campbell  | Review of Angela Ballara Iwi: The dynamics of Maori tribal organisation from c.1769 to c.1945

Sarah Colley  | Review of J. Kociumbas Maps, dreams, history, race and representation in Australia

Iain Stuart  | Review of Tom Griffiths and Libby Robin Ecology and empire

Matthew Spriggs  | Review of Ian Hodder The archaeological process

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Vol 17




Mary Casey  | Local pottery and dairying at the DMR site, Brickfields, Sydney

Denis Gojak and Iain Stuart | The potential for the archaeological study of clay tobacco pipes

Jennie Lindbergh  | Buttoning down archaeology

Anna Wong  | Colonial sanitation

Roy Lawrie  | Soil chemical properties at historical archaeological sites in Sydney

Mike Macphail  | A hidden cultural landscape

Richard Mackay and Grace Karskens | Historical archaeology in Australia

Pamela A. Smith and Lyn Devereux | Streeter's Jetty, Broome

Grace Karskens  | Review of Jane Lydon Many Inventions

Sam Moody  | Review of M. Casey et al. Redefining archaeology: feminist perspectives

Iain Stuart  | Review of John Mulvaney and Johan Kamminga Prehistory of Australia

Matthew Campbell  | Review of Paul Sillitoe An introduction to the anthropology of Melanesia

Maciej Henneberg  | Review of A. Cockburn, E. Cockburn and T. Reyman Mummies, disease and ancient cultures

Alison Betts  | Review of Christopher Chippindale and Paul Taçon The archaeology of rock-art

J. Peter White  | Review of William Andrefsky Jr. Lithics

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Vol 18




F. David Bulbeck  | Economy, military and ideology in Pre-Islamic Luwu, South Sulawesi

Penny Crook  | Shopping and historical archaeology

Denis Gojak and Caitlin Allen | The Fighting Ground Creek quartz roasting pits

Sarah Howell-Meurs  | Nineteenth-century diet in Victoria

Chris Jacomb  | Bullock wagons and settlement patterns in a New Zealand pastoral landscape

Denis Gojak  | Review of Heather Burke Meaning and ideology in historical archaeology

Keiran Hosty  | Review of Richard A. Gould Archaeology and the social history of ships

Rebecca Yamin  | Review of Grace Karskens Inside the Rocks

Alexy Simmons  | Review of Susan Lawrence Dolly's Creek

Wayne Johnson  | Review of Mark Staniforth and Mike Nash Chinese export porcelain from the wreck of the Sydney Cove

Jennie Lindbergh  | Review of Penelope M. Allison The archaeology of household activities

Lisa Murray  | Review of Sarah Tarlow Bereavement and commemoration

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Vol 19





Eleanor Conlin Casella and Clayton Fredericksen | Introduction to the archaeology of confinement in Australia

Greg Jackman  | Get thee to church: hard work., Godliness and tourism at Australia's first rural reformatory

Brian Egloff and Richard Morrison | 'Here ends, I trust forever, my acquaintance with Port Arthur': the archaeology of William Smith O'Brien's cottage

Eleanor Conlin Casella  | Every procurable object: a functional analysis of the Ross Factory archaeological collection

Fiona Starr  | Convict artefacts from the Civil Hospital privy on Norfolk Island

Clayton Fredericksen  | Confinement by isolation: convict mechanics and labour at Fort Dundas, Melville Island

Martin Gibbs  | The archaeology of the convict system in Western Australia

Denis Gojak  | Convict archaeology in New South Wales

Susan Piddock  | Convicts and the free

Richard Morrison  | The military prison, Anglesea Barracks, Hobart

Kirsty Altenburg  | Review of Denis Byrne, Helen Brayshaw and Tracy Ireland Social significance

Ross Anderson  | Review of Michael McCarthy Iron and steamship archaeology

Jane Lydon  | Review of Robin Torrence and Anne Clarke The archaeology of difference

Katrina Stankowski  | Review of Clayton Fredericksen and Ian Walters Altered states

Iain Stuart  | Review of Mark Staniforth and Michael Hyde 'Maritime archaeology in Australia'

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Vol 20




Iain Stuart and Penny Crook | Editorial

Graham Connah  | Twenty years on...

Tim Murray  | But that was long ago: theory in Australian historical archaeology 2002

Tracy Ireland  | Giving value to the Australian historic past: Historical archaeology, heritage and nationalism

Penny Crook , Susan Lawrence and Martin Gibbs | The role of artefact catalogues in Australian historical archaeology: a framework for discussion

Nadia Z. Iacono  | Beyond the breach: Advancing strategies for archaeological management plans

Alasdair Brooks  | 'The cloud of unknowing: Towards an international comparative analysis of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century ceramics '

Peter Davies  | "A little world apart...": Domestic consumption at a Victorian forest sawmill

Rodney Harrison  | 'Australia's Iron Age: Aboriginal post-contact metal artefacts from Old Lamboo Station, Southeast Kimberley, Western Australia

Lincoln Hayes  | 'The tangible link: Historical archaeology and the cultural heritage of the Australian South Sea Islanders'

Gordon Grimwade and Geoff Ginn | 'Strange bedfellows: Green Hill Fort, archaeology and tourism'

John Hyett  | 'Variation on a theme: The archaeology of an Australian blacksmith's shop'

Beryl Connah  | Index of Volumes 1–19 (1983–2001)

Aedeen Cremin  | Review of Anne-Marie Cantwell and Diana diZerega Wall, 'Unearthing Gotham: The Archaeology of New York City'

Denis Gojak  | Review of Nigel Prickett, 'The archaeology of New Zealand shore whaling'

Maclaren North  | Review of Maurice Evans, 'Principles of Environmental and Heritage Law'

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Information for Contributors

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Vol 21




Mary Casey | Editorial

Neville A. Ritchie | Taking stock: 20 years of Australasian 'overseas Chinese archaeology'

Barry McGowan | The archaeology of Chinese alluvial mining in Australia

Lindsay M. Smith | Identifying Chinese ethnicity through material culture: archaeological excavations at Kiandra, NSW

Kevin Rains | Rice bowls and beer bottles: interpreting evidence of the overseas Chinese at a Cooktown dumpsite

Anne-Louise Muir | Ceramics in the collection of the Museum of Chinese Australian History, Melbourne

Gordon Grimwade | Gold, gardens, temples and feasts: Chinese temple, Croydon, Queensland

Terry Abraham and Priscilla Wegars | Urns, bones and burners: overseas Chinese cemeteries

Priscilla Wegars | From old gold mountain to new gold mountain: Chinese archaeological sites, artefact repositories and archives in Western North America and Australasia


Jean Kennedy | Review of Nigel Prickett, Landscapes of conflict: a field guide to the New Zealand Wars

Mary Casey | Review of Alan Mayne and Tim Murray (eds), The archaeology of urban landscape, explorations in slumland

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Vol 22




Mary Casey | Editorial

Katrina Stankowski | A Pole apart? Polish and German material culture in South Australia

E. Jeanne Harris, Geoff Ginn and Cosmos Coroneos | How to dig a dump: strategy and research design for investigation of Brisbane s nineteenth-century municipal dump

Mary Casey | Falling through the cracks: method and practice at the CSR site, Pyrmont

Penny Crook and Tim Murray | The analysis of cesspit deposits from The Rocks, Sydney

Geoff Hewitt and Richard Wright | Identification and historical truth: the Russell Street Police Garage burials

Alistair Paterson and Daniel Franklin | The 1629 mass grave for Batavia victims, Beacon Island, Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia

Alister Bowen | Material evidence for early commercial fishing activities on the far south coast of NSW


Graham Connah | Review of Damaris Bairstow, A million pounds, a million acres. The pioneer settlement of the Australian Agricultural Company

Denis Gojak | Review of Eleanor C. Casella, Archaeology of the Ross Female Factory: female incarceration in Van Diemen’s Land, Australia

Jane Lydon | Review of Paul A. Shackel, Memory in black and white: Race, commemoration, and the post-bellum landscape

Tim Murray, Grace Karskens and Alan Mayne | Explorations in Slumland: a reprise

Notes on Contributors

Information for Contributors

Society Information

Back cover

Vol 23




Martin Gibbs | Editorial

Alasdair Brooks | Observing Formalities: The Use of Functional Artefact Categories in Australian Historical Archaeology

Penny Crook | Quality, Cost and Value: Key Concepts for an Interpretive Assemblage Analysis

Michael Nix | Silk Gloves and Cast Iron Boilers: A Study of Cargoes from Scotland to Australia, 1820–1824

Michelle Knehans | Archaeology of Pharmacy in Victoria

Kirstienne Graham | The Archaeological Potential of Medicinal Advertisements

Angela Middleton | Nail Chronology: The Case of Te Puna Mission Station

Peter Davies | Writing Slates and Schooling in Victoria

Sarah Colley | Marine Shell from Australian Historic Sites: Coding, Recording and Research Design

Iain Stuart | The Analysis of Bricks from Archaeological Sites in Australia

Maya Veres | Introduction to the Analysis of Archaeological Footwear

Mary Casey | Material Culture and the Construction of Hierarchy: The Conservatorium Site Rubbish Dump

Martin Gibbs | The Archaeology of Subsistence on the Maritime Frontier: Faunal Analysis of the Cheyne Beach Whaling Station 1845–1877

Barbara O’Brien, Richard Garcia and Susan Lawrence | Curious Matter for Contemplation: A Pistol from the Eureka Lead, Ballarat

David W. Cameron and Denise Donlon | A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of the ANZAC Gallipoli Battlefields of 1915 


Tim Ormsby | Review of Laurajane Smith: Archaeological Theory and the Politics of Cultural Heritage

Greg Jackman | Review of Heather Burke and Claire Smith: The Archaeologist’s Field Handbook

Notes on Contributors

Information for Contributors

Society Information

Back cover


Vol 24




Alistair Paterson and Mary Casey | Editorial

Susan Lawrence | President’s Foreword

Judy Birmingham: bibliography, positions held

Tracy Ireland and Mary Casey | Judy Birmingham in conversation

Christine Eslick and David Frankel | Judy in the sixties: an inspiration

Ian Jack | Historical Archaeology, Heritage and the University of Sydney

Richard Mackay and Tony Brassil | Judy Birmingham, Industrial Archaeology and the National Trust in the 1980s

Harry Allen | Authorship and ownership in Blandowski’s Australien in 142 Photographischen Abbildungen

Neville Ritchie | Frozen solid: recent archaeological work at Shackleton’s Cape Royd’s hut site (1907–1909), Ross Island, Ross Dependency, Antarctica

Sarah Colley | A preliminary beef meat cuts typology for nineteenth-century Sydney and some methodological issues

Penelope M. Allison and Aedeen Cremin | Ceramics from the Old Kinchega homestead

Eleanor Casella | Transplanted technologies and rural relics: Australian Industrial Archaeology and questions that matter

Nadia Z. Iacono | Research outcomes in Australian Historical Archaeology: cutting edge or cutting corners?

Mary Casey | Remaking Britain: establishing British identity and power at Sydney Cove, 1788–1821

Alistair Paterson | Towards a historical archaeology of Western Australia’s Northwest


Peter Davies | Review of Darwin Archaeology: Aboriginal, Asian and European Heritage of Australia’s Top End edited by Patricia Bourke, Sally Brockwell and Clayton Frederickson

Jane Lydon | Review of The Archaeology of the Colonized by Michael Given

Charles E. Orser | Review of Archaeologies of the British: explorations of identity in Great Britain and its colonies, 1600–1945 edited by Susan Lawrence

Judy Birmingham | Review of Bendigo at Work: An Industrial History edited by Mike Butcher and Yolanda M. J. Collins

Iain Stuart | Review of The Barque Eglinton, wrecked Western Australia 1852: The history of its loss, archaeological excavation, artefact catalogue and interpretation edited by Myra Stanbury

Rodney Harrison | Review of Historical Archaeology edited by Martin Hall and Stephen W. Silliman

Notes on Contributors

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Society Information

Back cover


Vol 25

Mary Casey | Editorial

Susan Piddock | Slate, slate, everywhere slate: the cultural landscapes of the Willunga slate quarries, South Australia

Pamela A. Smith | Water management systems in colonial South Australia

Steve Brown | Landscaping heritage: toward an operational cultural landscape approach for protected areas in New South Wales

Martin Gibbs | Lynton: convicts, landscape and colonisation strategies in midwest Western Australia

Brad Duncan | Using anthropogenic geomorphological change associated with historic maritime infrastructure to predict the location of coastal archaeological sites in Queenscliff, Victoria

Sarah Hayes | Consumer practice at Viewbank homestead

Graham Connah | Creating the canon: materializing Australian historical archaeology


Iain Stuart | Review of Pfeiffer, Michael A., Clay Tobacco Pipes and the Fur Trade of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Plains

Alistair Paterson | Review of Buchli, V. and G. Lewis (eds), Archaeologies of the Contemporary Past

Steve Brown | Review of Little, Barbara J., Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters

Roger Fyfe | Review of Burke, Heather and Claire Smith (eds), Archaeology to Delight and Instruct: Active Learning in the University Classroom

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