The ASHA Awards program aims to promote excellence in historical archaeology in Australasia by recognising best practice in the heritage management of historical archaeology, promoting the communication of archaeological results to the public, and rewarding outstanding research by students.

The awards are:

  • R. Ian Jack Award for Best Honours/coursework masters (MA) Thesis (annual)
  • Maureen Byrne Award for Best Postgraduate Thesis (bi-annual)
  • Judy Birmingham Award for Best Historical Archaeology Heritage Report (annual)
  • Martin Davies Award for Best Public Archaeology Initiative (annual)
  • Graham Connah Award for Best Publication (5-yearly)
  • Ilma Powell Honorary Award for Distinguished Service (occasional)

ASHA members are invited to nominate recent work for consideration in the ASHA Awards program. It is hoped that in 2020 all awards will be given to recognise the 50 years of ASHA.

Nominations for 2020 close soon [13 September 2020] and the awards will be announced in late November.

For more information and how to enter see Rules and Guidelines or contact the ASHA Awards Co-ordinator on [email protected].