Volume 35 - 2017

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  • Nicholas Pitt, Mary Casey, Anthony Lowe and Robyn Stocks | The Old Sydney Burial Ground: the 2008 archaeological investigations
  • Timothy Owen and Mary Casey | The Old Sydney Burial Ground: using isotopic analysis to infer the origin of individual skeletons
  • Timothy Owen, Mary Casey and Nicholas Pitt | The Old Sydney Burial Ground: an inference of early colonial diet in Sydney and Britain
  • Denise Donlon, Rebecca Griffin and Mary Casey | The Old Sydney Burial Ground: clues from the dentition about the ancestry, health and diet of the first British settlers of Australia
  • Shane Burke | The use of surveyors’ field notes in historical archaeology research
  • Barbara Minchinton | Prostitutes’ and ‘lodgers’ in Little Lon: constructing a list of occupiers in nineteenth-century Melbourne
  • Jonathan Prangnell and Hannah Craig-Ward | Domestic archaeology of 1 William Street
  • Reviews
  • Denis Gojak | Review of Stories from the sandstone: Quarantine inscriptions from Australia's immigrant past
  • Michael Morrison | Review of An archaeology of early Christianity in Vanuatu: Kastom and religious change on tanna and Erronmango, 1839-1920
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Volume 35: 2017
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