Other Titles

Apart from its main series of publications, ASHA also publishes other titles from time to time. These are on a range of topics.

Titles currently available for purchase are:

  • The Archaeology of Whaling in Southern Australia and New Zealand, Susan Lawrence & Mark Staniforth (eds), 1998.
  • Ross Bridge, Tasmania, Studies in Historical Archaeology No. 3, Maureen Byrne, 1976
  • Nineteenth Century Salt Manufacturing Sites in Tasmania, Brian Rogers, 1993
  • The Marseilles or French Pattern Tile in Australia, ASHA Occasional Paper, No. 3, Robert Varman,

Titles available for download only are:

  • An Archaeological Guide to British Ceramics in Australia, 1788-1901, Alasdair Brooks, 2005 (Members only)
  • Papers in Historical Archaeology, Judy Birmingham & Damaris Bairstow (eds), 1987.