20 April 2018

This workshop is being organised by the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology with the support of Australia ICOMOS and the Heritage Division, Office of Environment and Heritage. The venue is provided courtesy of Property NSW.

Historical documents: maps, plans and images

This session will:

  • look at how and why we do Land Titles research in archaeology.
  • involve an online workshop on how to do Land Titles research and its value in understanding archaeological sites.
  • provide an understanding historic images and plans.
  • look at methods for overlaying maps and plan.

Archaeological Research Questions and Assessing Significance

This session considers how we construct archaeological research designs and formulate questions to better understand the archaeological resource. This will include consideration of how these questions fit with assessing archaeological significance within a framework of the 2009 guidelines.

Working in different statutory environments

This session provides an overview of the statutory planning environments that archaeologists work in, in NSW. It will look at assessing heritage and archaeology for State Significant Development and Infrastructure projects including:

  • the role of an archaeological assessment in the Environmental Impact Statement and the approvals process.
  • managing risk for your clients (costs, time delays, etc.)
  • archaeological obligations under the NSW Heritage Act, 1977.

Workshop Presenters include:

  • Dr Mary Casey, President, ASHA and Director, Casey & Lowe
  • Dr James Flexner, Lecturer in Historical Archaeology and Heritage, University of Sydney
  • Dr Terry Kass, Historian and heritage consultant
  • Dr Siobhan Lavelle, Senior Team Leader, Heritage Division, Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Mr Nicholas Pitt, Webmaster, ASHA, postgraduate student and independent heritage practitioner
  • Ms Kylie Seretis, Director, Casey & Lowe
  • Dr Iain Stuart, Vice-President, ASHA and Partner, JCIS Consultants


Friday 20 April 2018


9am to 5pm


Big Dig Centre, YHA Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney

Workshop Program:

The final workshop program is available to download here.