Volume 34 - 2016

  • Cover
  • Papers
  • Sean Winter | Coerced labour in Western Australia during the nineteenth century
  • Stephen Wells | The badimia people at Ninghan pastoral station: Changes to cultural landscapes and lifeways 1870s-1920s
  • Jillian Barteaux | Urban planning as colonial marketing strategy for the Swan river settlement, Western Australia
  • Sean Winter, Callum Forsey, Emilie Dotte-Sarout & Alistair Paterson | The settlement at Barmup: Britain's first farm in Western Australia
  • Kelly Flemming | Global and local contexts: Nineteenth to early twentieth-century gold mining settlements in the Upper Murchison, Western Australia
  • Martin Gibbs | The geraldine mine: The 1850s lead mining frontier in Midwest Western Australia
  • Research Reports
  • Melissa Hetherington | Through the eyes of Henry Gray: Report on preliminary archaeological excavations at Gray's Store, Greenough, Western Australia
  • Ross Bertinshaw | Holy waters: The development of criteria for the identification of the monkish wells of New Norcia in colonial Western Australia
  • Reviews
  • Gemma Carter | Review of Ned Kelly under the microscope: Solving the forensic mystery of Ned Kelly's remains
  • Nicholas Pitt | Review of The Australian archaeologist's book of quotations
  • Steve Brown | Review of Calling the shots: Aboriginal photographs
  • Thesis Abstracts
  • Notes on contributors
  • ASHA Monograph Series
  • Information for Contributors
  • General information about ASHA
Volume 34: 2016
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